Monday, November 12, 2007

New Home Community

Home communities have been the driving force behind Agape. Actually God and the Holy Spirit are the driving force but you all know what I meant in the previous statement.

We have had 7 home communities going. These are great places to connect with people and reach out into the community. Now, we added a new community that will meet at Dignity Village .

I went to their weekly council meeting last Wed. night to talk about starting a community. The Taco kids were there from Cascade taking the weekly tacos. Jodi Koski led a prayer over their group before their meeting. These kids are doing a great job.
The village group introduced me as Pastor Taco. When I told them about starting a community about 10 people immediately said they would join. God is good. Louie Wilhelm is the head security guy out there and he has been coming to Agape since the Agape Blitz.

So we add another group and will work with them to lead their spiritual development. Already we will be adding some new ones in December/January (Pre-marital classes, Old Testament Survey class, musicians home community, single women's group) along with our monthly ladies evening out and men's evening out. Our goal is to have 15 groups by Easter.

I was never great at doing small groups in the past--but when you start a church from the beginning with a focus on small groups--it makes a huge difference.

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