Thursday, October 25, 2007

My Friend My Enemy

My Friend.

What a great day of ministry. A bible study in Sherwood and setting up a baptism for next week. She reminded me that last year we prayed in a park near the cafe where we had breakfast and met the couple for study. We prayed that we would have baptisms in Sherwood. We thought we would plant the church there. We didn't but we will have the baptisms. She is beautiful and so good with people. Our boys are good and patient, at least for the first hour. She laughs and truly cares about the people we met and their friends whom we meet.

We meet another young person who is visiting Agape. This person is excited and has many dreams. She and I both listen. She truly cares about helping this person bring glory to God with their life. She prays for them a very sweet and powerful prayer. She is wise.

She meets with another woman to talk about helping one of the young women who finally got off the streets and is expecting in December. She is excited at growth and faith, she is encouraging. She has the same passion and vision and she is beautiful.

My Enemy.

"Let's play raquet ball" she says. It is the end of an exciting day. She beats me two out of three. She is beautiful, she is my enemy until the next game :) :)


Lori Ann said...

She will beat you again, soon!

Jason Hill said...

You two make me laugh.

Johnny said...
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Johnny said...

God was so wise to create two (he/she) who will complement each other

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

I have no enemies... this is why i only play individual sports.


kristi said...

Wow - She's challenging you. This post made me laugh, but I enjoyed the sweetness of it