Monday, October 15, 2007

Wow Again

What a day we had Sunday for our Friends' Day. 101 showed up, including the guy sitting outside who we invited to lunch. Great worship and celebration of Agape's 6 month in existence. We had a wonderful worship, finished the Gospel of John, and had a huge Subway sandwich for everyone. Yet, as Lori and I talked about the day these thoughts came to mind:

We all brought friends from Dignity Village, Pioneer Square, homes in Southeast and Northeast Portland, Vancouver, Michigan, Cascade College, Portland State. People from various places in life, various sports, various struggles and addictions, various worries and concerns. Yet, at communion, we mentioned that all were welcome to the table. Sometimes in churches, this is the one time people are excluded. We all communed together and talked about how we are all in God's image and all have the right to become children of God, when we believe (John 1:12).

Its hard to believe that 1 year ago we were 16 people in a home. God is good!


Anonymous said...

Those are encouraging words and pictures, especially coming from a church planter who presently has a team of 5 people. God is good.

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

God is Awesome. It was so good to see you guys a few weeks ago... I wanted to hear your voices share these early church experiences.

I understand, I think, the table thing. Caleb said to me as we "sat" through communion not long ago, "church isn't fair to little kids." I asked, "why?" He said, "adults don't share. Jesus shares" I have a feeling he understands communion better than many who do take part in "communion."

Keep up the God work.


Luke Coles said...

I pray that God keeps showering blessings upon Agape and the city of Portand.

emilykaypeters said...

Friends Day was such a success. I am so glad to see Agape growing and am glad to be a part of it!!