Friday, August 31, 2007

What Is an Agape Blitz?

Agape Blitz

It is an excess of $3000 gift to Portland.
It is a time when 14 Park Plaza church members, Tulsa, join over 30 Agape people to serve in our community.
It is a time to work with Lowe’s to provide siding, lumber, and brooms to help Dignity Village winterize 5 homes and roof 2 others.
It is a time to connect with this community and develop relationships.
It is a time to see how a homeless community has developed a social structure, form of government, and way of life.
It is a time to help two abuse shelters provide school supplies to children who are afraid that their abusive father will come looking for them.
It is a time to paint the children’s play house and repair the equipment.
It is a time to plant bushes and flowers to make this look like a home.
It is a time to visit and let the people know that God cares and wants peace.
It is a time to work at a Portland Public school that does not have the capabilities to keep the grounds clean because there is 1 groundskeeper for 90 schools.
It is a time to stop looking at the new ½ million $ track/football field and give attention to the decaying school building and grounds.
It is a time to let the principle know that the church that rents their facilities cares about them.
It is a time to practice unconditional love.

“Freely you have received, so freely give…” Matthew 10


Lori Ann said...

it was a wonderful blessing for everyone who helped.

emilykaypeters said...

I had such a good time at agape blitz.. again, I am thankful to say that we found you and Agape.... we really love being a part of agape. It is always a learning experience everytime I'm around you..

tabitha jane said...

well done. this sounds like "love portland" that imago did over labor day.

i am glad that portland churches are getting into serving their community.