Sunday, December 20, 2009


In April 2007, the Saturday before we launched I met Maria. She was spanging at Pioneer square. Caleb and I bought her some juice. Over time and meetings with her she eventually showed up at Agape. She got a place to live, had two babies, and was in treatment center for heroin. She came to Agape for 1 1/2 years--more regular than people we saw who were "brought up in church." 8 weeks ago she brought Crystal, her friend in the treatment center. Crystal also hasn't missed a Sunday. She has visitation of her kids now, is doing well, and was baptized by Lori today. Crystal is bringing her kids and a friend with her.

What if I would have chosen to ignore Maria?
I met Louie at Dignity Village. He came to tell us Thank You for our work. He said he may not be back. That was 2 yrs ago--he hasn't missed a Sunday. He brought Randy and Cindy from the village. Cindy brought her daughter Elsie. Elsie had a baby named Christopher, about a year ago. We all loved Christopher. Elsie also hardly missed a Sunday--more regular than people we see who were "brought up in church." Elsie met Chris and brought him to church at Easter. The three were regular at church. Christopher passed away due to SIDS in August. We were all in mourning. Elsie and Chris showed up that Sunday. She held the babies, and we all wept.

Chris was also baptized today. Elsie will follow soon and is studying now.

What if I would have chosen not to go to Dignity Village?

Evangelism is about networking.
Its also about obedience.

That's why its a choice we make.

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