Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wineskins Issue

This Wineskins issue is devoted to domestic abuse and the church. Greg Taylor asked me 6 months ago to edit this issue and have some of my colleagues write articles for the journal. It has been a lot of work but I feel that these are well written articles that will challenge us to address abuse in our communities and faith communities. I thank God that a journal, especially one in the churches of Christ, wishes to be pro-active.

The articles are very thought provoking and challenge us on many levels. Typically the church is seen as a group that turns their heads to abuse. Often, I have leaders and members tell me that they don't support abuse. But when I ask how often they preach, speak out, or take a public stand concerning the issue they become quiet. "We're not as passionate as you and Lori," or "There are other issues besides abuse," or my favorite, "We're focused on evangelism not psychology or women's issues." Are we pro-active?

What does it mean to have courage?
Who has courage, the victims who find a way to survive or those with the power who choose not to help them?
What does God think about all of this?

Think about these questions when you pray today.

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