Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

What did you do for new years?

We have had an interesting last couple of years. When I was younger our church would rent a gym and invite youth groups to play basketball, volleyball, and other games until about 2am. That was always fun.

When we moved out to Oregon the evening switched to meeting with friends and going home at 12:10 sharp to crash and sleep in for New Year's Day. This would be followed by watching football all day.

Last year we were stuck in Hayes, KS for 3 days due to a snow storm. We fell asleep at 10pm new years eve, woke up at 5am and drove to Salt Lake City. Nothing much to talk about.

This year was a new one for us as a family. Nathan was at a party with friends and the little ones and I watched Shrek 2 until 10pm. We played the scene 20 times where Shrek farted (boys will be boys) and had fun. We played hide and seek for an hour until they would fall asleep in their hiding place. Then I spent a few hours in labor and delivery with Lori. One of kids I first met in April at Pioneer Square, who hasn't missed a Sunday since August, went into labor early evening. Lori took her in about 5pm. I met Lori there from 1am until 5am. We had our usual new years eve kiss (we forgot it last year) followed by helping Maria through some pretty intense contractions. I came home and got breakfast for the boys. A new baby will be here sometime on Jan. 1 and we will have another unique experience for our New Year's Eve stories as well as ministry stories.

Lori realized that Maria is here with no family and part of being a church means that we become family. Fortunately I am not helpful with contractions so I got sent home, not reluctantly, to sleep and play with the boys. I think Lori will be due for a long nap and she will get one.

As I type this I realize that people change, people grow, and life continues on. In between the contractions Maria started asking about a show she watched concerning the Proto-Evangelism of James, Arabic Infancy Gospel and the history of Jesus' early years. These gospels were written 3rd Century and basically described the boy Jesus as a brat and power freak. The stories were funny and we laughed about them. The funny thing was that I read those texts years ago and have never had anyone ask about them. What an odd place and odd time to talk about hidden texts mythological stories. Maria comes to our Old Testament class, is reading ahead, and is regular at home community and Sunday worship.

I makes me excited about what God has in store for her, the baby, us, and Agape!


emilykaypeters said...

So Maria had here baby... that's so exciting! I'm sad we missed it. We really missed you guys while we were on vacation and are glad to be home.

tabitha jane said...

for new years we went to the montage with some friends and family and then back to a friends house for apples to apples.

perfect and not too much of a production.

the next day? we stayed up late watching "the buttercream gang" and laughing at how cheesy it was. :)