Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Entertainment or Engagement?

This is a picture of Pioneer Courthouse Square. This place is a popular hangout for downtown Portlandians. I also hear that it is the hangout for homeless/runaway teens. Some have reported that Portland has the highest teen runaway drug rate in the country, and of course, many of the kids are here.

I have been going downtown to meet some of the kids and get to know them. I will take some to lunch and talk about their lives, God, etc. Last week I met 4 young people and had a great visit at Carls Jr. Interesting. They feel safe, are enjoying Portland, and feel church is not for them.

So here we are trying to reach young people. Some tell me young people only want entertainment in church. But is it entertainment or engagement? Is the church trying to entertain or trying to engage others?


Johnny said...

I appreciate both your's and Lori's efforts to engage people and be friends.

Luke Coles said...

People want a "real" church. A place where things are full of life. This life needs to be Christ's life. Jesus is entertaining to me.