Saturday, April 21, 2007

Is it me or him--its him or me

So my 14 year old son comes at me at 9:30pm the other night. I'm tired, sore, and shutting down for the day and he is going to bed. He wants to wrestle. Now, my dad never wrestled with me that I can remember. He was tired, out of shape, and just didn't do that with us boys. Considering his dad beat him, I guess he was doing the best he could with what he had. Once he arm wrestled and told me this was the only time he would ever do it (I was 13). He was a pretty good dad but a heavy smoker and not in shape. Pretty distant at times but we could never sneak up behind this Air Force captain and jump on him. He didn't do that. However, I decided that I would never be afraid to wrestle with my boys or girls. So we've all grown up wrestling on the living room floor. Now its 9:30p, I'm 44, he's 14, and he weighs 170.

Is it me or him?
I could have dismissed it if he wouldn't have prefaced it with, "C'mon old man..." So I still have a few tricks that I haven't completely exhausted yet. In 10 minutes he was down laughing and saying OK you're not old. But he is right. I am older, he is stronger, and it takes more and more work to open the can (of you know what) on him.

It's him or me!
We didn't get him a membership to the gym (not worth the money). I have kept the weight set and bench covered by clutter in the garage. We've done everything we can to prevent the invetable. But--his body is producing testosterone. Shaving, armpit hair, body odor, lower voice, and trying to take the old man in a wrestling match. I still manage to take him most of the time. But it is harder and harder every year. I suspect it will get harder the older he gets. I suspect if he ever finds the weights I'm a gonner. You see, weekly weight workouts make me sore. They make him stronger. I suspect I will use all of my secret moves by his sophomore year and then it will be all over. He will take me, pin me, and laugh. Unless he is like Jonathon and Saul and yields his right to lead the army to the crazy old man.

If I can hold on until he goes to college, I'm OK. Then I will have a semester to recover before he comes home on breaks.

Then again, I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old right behind him. They like to wrestle too but they are in the curl up, fall down, and lie on the floor laughing. They enjoy getting pinned by dad. It will really be hard when I'm in my 50s doing the same thing. By then, maybe my walker can be a good tool to take them all!

Pray for me!!!!!!!!!!


Cheryl said...

Bless you Ron for spending time with your boys this way. God never calls us down a road and abandons us...He will make you able! :-)

You and Lori are great parents...We love you guys!

James Wood said...

I know it will be a bitter-sweet moment when your son realizes that he can beat you. It's exhilerating, but at the same time it marks the end of childhood.