Monday, July 03, 2006

The Scream We Haven't Heard

I was completely blown away when a Swiss journal for feminist Biblical studies asked me to submit my article on the Rape of Dinah (Genesis 34) this Spring. I was also struck when a representative of the Attourney General's Sexual Assault Task Force asked me Thursday to join the committee. God pushes, but I never knew it would be this hard.

It makes me wonder, and you can wonder too, how often we have been silent on this issue. How often have we heard a sermon or class on sexual violence? Even worse, since we have about 5 Biblical texts that address this, how often have we heard them taught? What do you think?


Lori Ann said...

I think that God uses us at the right times. And NOW is the right time for you to be on these task force. Like we have been finding out...God uses us and then when it is His time he blows the doors open!
I am proud of you and your stance on issues.

KMiV said...

Hey, I didn't do this to be the center of attention--although you can reward me for dinner tonight if you want! Love you--thanks for being there beside me in this.
:) :)

Tim Lewis said...

It makes me wonder what other issues the church has (or hasn't) taken a stand. Perhaps the church is on the wrong side (or shouldn't take a side) sometimes. Perhaps the church just doesn't do enough sometimes. A few that come to mind: illegal immigration, war, racism, homelessness, homosexuality, just off the top of my head.

God is using you to do many great things. Of course, if God uses the least and the common, I should expect some amazing things to happen in my vicinity.

Alan said...

Resistance is futile. God has a calling for you, there is no doubt in my mind.

Alan said...

My experiences with the churches of Christ I was raised in was that we didn't talk about things like sexual assault, justice, war and peace, and other such topics because they were social problems. Having said that I believe we have a miserable record because these are the things that God is concerned with. We worry about getting the form of worship down...but neglect the weightier matters. I could have used some teaching when I faced the draft for Vietnam. I really didn't know what the Bible had to say about any of these issues. As I have gotten older I can see that God wanted to restore people from the oppression of sin and the oppression we see around us in daily life. This includes the oppression of violence. (I had a really low draft number). We need what I am sure you will bring to the community. I have downloaded your article. I just hope I am smart enought to understand it.

Dad of Tim and Mike

Ty said...

God calls, God empowers, God blesses, but you were there to hear the call, be empowered, and overflow with blessing

Tim, you have some good starting points, I shall try not to neglect them.