Monday, June 20, 2005

What is Koke Mushke i Vogel

Mushke dhe Koke Mushke

Koke Mushke i Vogel means "Little Mule Head" in Albanian. This is my nickname and I never have figured out if it is a compliment or a joke. Never the less, I guess it says something about who I am, or who some perceive me to be. I'm not Albanian but have been there 3 times to teach. I also teach English and Bible to Albanian and Kosovo families here in Portland, Oregon. I love Albanian food and culture.

My wife Lori,, has moved up in the technology field and encouraged me to also join the Bloggers of the 21st Century.

I look forward to blogging and expressing my opinions as well as hearing yours.


Lori Ann said...

Your soght looks nice...I am glad that you are joining me in the tech field!
Love ya,

Amy said...

What a fancy site!! I'm still trying to fiqure out all this blogging stuff...guess I've been in the dark to long. Can't wait to see more updates and post on your and Lori's Blog sites!!


Sarah said...

So glad you finally caught up with the rest of us. :) Kevin was just saying the other day that if you had a blog he'd read it!

J. Kevin Parker said...

And here is Kevin, reading Ron Clark's blog. I thought blogging was a fad until about a year ago and I got serious into it because of my wife (who has influenced LOTS of people to blog). Here's a tip: go and leave comments on other people's blogs and they will likely come read yours and return the favor.

Ron, I remember when I first started getting to know you. You said, "ah, you missions guys..." And look at you now! I knew Dick Ady and Evertt Huffard would straighten you out!

rebecca marie said...

welcome to the blogmunity!

rebecca marie said...

ron - i should have told you - i'm actually becky berg, roanna holden's daughter...