Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Day In Ministry With a Shadow

Interesting day of ministry. I had a 16 yr old shadowing. It was my son, he was being punished and had to go with me today. His experience of ministry:

1. A no show--so we visited and looked around Powell's Bookstore.

2. Some street kids who visited Sunday. Had lunch with them. Two went in the bathroom to shoot up because they had a bad heroin addiction. We talked to the females about boundaries, being safe, and sex trafficking.

3. A guy whose been visiting Agape who is from the Virgin Islands. We sat at Pioneer Square Starbucks, listened to a band, and stayed in the shade.

4. Had ice cream with one of the Agape guys recovering from surgery. Then took him home and talked about family counseling with his family and how to develop certain skills.

On the way home from the MAX we "processed the day." Nathan said it really wasn't a punishment, he enjoyed it.

If he ever chooses ministry I hope he remembers that this is what its about. If not, I hope he goes to a church where the minister lives this out.

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I like this.