Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prayer Stations

On Sunday January 11 Lori Clark and Kathy Zumwalt put together our second prayer stations worship. Prayer stations are tables with activities which involve writing, praying, reflecting, discussion, or other forms of creating as a form of worship. It involves the various senses in worship. I have always been the logical, rational, experience God through preaching and the written word. Therefore, this is out of my comfort zones. However, that is why I believe we should do this. That is why I also have someone else put it together.

The photo below is of a clay creation of “Crazy Mike” as he calls himself, from Dignity Village. Some of the residents who come to Agape have been pushing him to come back. He has been dealing with Wiccan stuff for a while. This creation is of the resurrection and he wants prayers to drive out evil in his life. So this is what happens with prayer stations. Those who sit week after week and try to worship like all us logical people, get a chance to have the tables turned. Not that they want it, we want it. We acknowledge that all people are in God’s image, some experience God experientially, others through the written word. I guess its time I allow myself to be stretched.
Stretch I did. I had the two little ones with me and that was hard. But it was fun finding a way to get the boys to understand the kids stations with playdough, paint, and water. Lori and I got them to talk alot.

Communion was different as well. A loaf of bread and grape juice, shared at a table with a group. We all talked and shared. It was good. There was a lot of sharing, reflecting, and praying. When we got back together to talk the comment “I It’s nice that we are not afraid to do something different or break a weekly routine…”
God is good and God speaks in many ways.

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