Friday, December 19, 2008

Twenty One

Twenty-one years ago I woke up to a cold snowy Missouri morning.

Twenty-one years ago I took a brisk five mile run in the snow.

Twenty-one years ago I roused the guys from sleep in my house and went out to door knock for the JOY bus. I was a youth minister.

Twenty-one years ago I signed up 3 or 4 families to ride the bus to church the next day.

Twenty-one years ago I smiled as the snow covered the road. Then turned to rain.

Twenty-one years ago I put on a white tux.

Twenty-one years ago I put on black socks (I lost my white ones)

Twenty-one years ago my divorced parents and estranged brother acted civil to each other and tried to smile in pictures.

Twenty-one years ago I kissed my best friend on the mouth, gave her a ring, and let her put a ring on my finger.

Twenty-one years ago I walked down the aisle to begin the best years of my life.

Happy Anniversary Blue Eyes!
By the way--we left town and didn't drive the JOY bus Sunday.


Lori Ann said...

Thanks sweetie! how come you were out doing stuff? I was preparing a wedding!
I feel the same way. I have enjoyed this ride through life!

Kristi said...

Awww - happy anniversary you two!

Zak said...

That's gross. Get a room you two.

Joni & Mike Tolon said...

I think it is beautiful! Congrats to both of you blue eyes! This last year was our 25th so we were kind of mushy as well. Great example to others! Keep up the good work.
M & J (you know...the rock band guy and his wacky wife? :)))

Johnny said...

It's nice to see this kind of commitment. Hope the next 21 years will be as good.

Glen said...

Congratulations! Your marriage and service to others in the name of Jesus is an inspiration!

KMiV said...

Zak, we did get a room!

tabitha jane said...

aww! you guys are too cute!