Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dancing Around 100

I was eager to see how well we would do at Agape since Friends' Day. We had a Sunday off as we went to our annual gathering TLC at the convention center. Today we decided to focus our communion time on the Cascade kids and faculty/staff. We let them talk about how God was working in the announcement of the college's closing. It was great to see them process how God was opening doors for them. We also shared with them our plans to reach Portland State, the new home community on campus, and hopefully their willingness to come back to school here and help us. We brought them up front, surrounded them, and prayed for them.

It was also exciting to see the PSU kids start connecting and planning the new group meetings. Over 95+ people rejoiced as Lawrence Paye was baptized. Lawrence's family fled Liberia when he was 6 and came to Portland. He played soccer in college and on a faith based team in Vienna this year. Lawrence has been a great source of strength for many of us with his infectious smile and energy.

It was another great day and God's Spirit continues to move. Looking forward to finally getting over that 100 barrier and moving on to 200.

Zak and Kathy Zumwalt (our recovery ministry leaders) also had their second baby boy Caspian Zumwalt at 3am the next morning. We are excited to see both Caspian and his older brother Koa grow in this new church.

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