Monday, November 24, 2008

Agape Advent Conspiracy

Today we started our Advent Conspiracy. Our website has been redesigned and has an Agape Blog for my sermon series.

This is a movement which Rick McKinley, Imago Dei Community Church, co-founded. It began in 2006 and has been taken up by churches throughout the world. The goal is to use the Advent/Christmas Holiday season to prepare God's people for worship rather than consumerism. $450 billion is spent by Americans at Christmas. $10 billion would solve the world's water crisis. Advent Conspiracy encourages churches to take up a collection for any charitable cause and give 25% for clean water. This is done by encouraging people at church to "give one less gift" and donate to a chosen charity.

We will be giving our collection this year to Touch A Life Ministries. This organization was founded by Randy and Pam Cope and works in Ghana, Cambodia, and Vietnam with children sold into slavery and prostitution. They have been featured on Oprah and in other publications. More to come and more on our website

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Johnny said...

We have decided to do this as a family with only the kids getting some presents. It's the getting together that we really enjoy. Although I must say our family gives really good and useful gifts. We have chosen to give what we would have spent on each other to different charities. One of our sons came up with the idea and I am glad he did.