Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Good Sunday

Summer Sundays in Portland are usually low attendance days. In my 10 years here I have noticed that many people are gone during the summers. The same is true at Agape, however God continues to do exciting things with us. We have been hitting low 60s (last year we were mid 30s) and we know that this fall we will be well over 100. We are trying to operate as a 200 person church which means that we have to work this summer to set up structures for the fall growth.

Sunday we did a lot of appointing. James and Andrea Woods are interning with us until they plant a church in NW Portland (Soma Christou). Since we have 12 home communities and are planning to launch a recovery ministry with recovery home communities (we hope to have 24 HC by next year); we need a couple to work with the communities and develop leaders over 3-4 HC groups. James and Andrea were appointed as Home Community Coordinators. They will be working with me to develop future leaders and be a resource for our home communities.

Our finance ministry team continues to do a great job with Agape's finances as our contribution and benevolence outreach grow. Glynda Crownover, Jeremy Poole, Stanton Gallegos, and Karissa Gaer have busy schedules but continue to volunteer there time in this vital ministry for Jesus.

As Agape Youth grow we are blessed to have 4 people leading our youth ministry. Jeremy and Jeanese Poole, Brandon Lohmeier, and Whitney Shinn have stepped up to lead our teens for Jesus. Brandon and Whitney also are leaders for Young Life at Reynold's High School where Nathan attends. Already these 4 are finding creative ways to empower our kids.

Alan Trinadad is a Cascade student that has been with us. He has a great love for Jesus and helping guys. When we were meeting for coffee and praying together I found out he had done an awesome painting for the Wishing Well (raising money for Africa Missions). We put Alan's artwork up during communion and talked about how we saw God working through the painting. We also talked about how Agape wishes to empower our creative arts people through the arts home community and art outreach/evangelism. God is truly working and it is exciting to see a community where people step up to lead and step out on faith to share Jesus in many ways.

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