Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Rascal Flatts

Back in December when we went to Trans Siberian Orchestra the parking was terrible. There was no place to park and we had to park a couple miles away and ride the MAX lightrail to the concert. We missed the start. So after we got home, I contacted the Rose Garden to express my frustration with the parking and the long wait at the garages.

One of the staff eventually contacted me and offered to make it right. So when Rascal Flatts came to town Friday night we thought we would see if the Rose Garden would make good on their promise. 4 tickets, free parking, and we were down front close to the second stage. We were probably 20 yards from the whole group during portions of the show. The Rose Garden made good and we let them know that this was better than we could have asked.

Rascal Flatts puts on a great concert. I'm not a big country fan but these guys are great musicians and singers. I really enjoyed their music. I would have paid money to see them. Great show and a great time. If you get a chance to see them go ahead.

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Johnny said...

Was that maybe an example of "ask and you will receive?"