Monday, March 10, 2008

Baptisms at Agape

I met Brandon years ago when we were refereeing a wrestling tournament. He visited church a few times when I was at Metro and I really liked him. He was involved with Young Life and at Good Shepherd so I knew he had a good heart for Jesus. He went off to the NAVY for a few years. Thought I would never see him again. He called two weeks before Agape launched last year and said he was in town, heard we started a new church and wanted to visit with his girl friend Whitney. He was out of the NAVY, doing construction, and Ultimate Fighting. He and Whitney have been with us from the launch. They are active leaders in Young Life and are great examples to the high school kids. They are part of our home community, went through core values, work hard, and are a really neat couple.

A few months ago Brandon called me while I was in San Diego--"Hey Ron, I went through this core values stuff and I need to be baptized." So we studied, talked and he expressed that he and Whitney were encouraging the Young Life kids to look at what the Bible says about Baptism.

So he was baptized Friday night. Then he baptized Whitney that Sunday morning at Agape. What a celebration. The verse read at both baptisms--John 4:1-2. Jesus did not baptize but his disciples did. This seems to fire them up. Already a couple others want to be baptized. I find that sometimes all people need is a vision that they too can fulfill the great commission (Matt. 28:18-20).


Serena Coles said...

Praise God for more family members.

Luke Coles said...

Last comment was from me.