Friday, February 01, 2008

Agape Faces

Agape people have stuck in my mind this week. Sunday we presented Erin Marie, Maria's baby, to the congregation and challenged Agape to support and encourage her as a single mom. The church gave an amen to being a Christian example to them and to loving and supporting them. Faces smiling at the second baby we have had born at Agape.

Kevin and Lia, both active in leading the Dignity Village home community will be married July 20. As part of the Next Step ministry they love God, each other, and others. Kevin is a student at Multnomah Bible Seminary and Lia at PCC. David and Karissa will be married in Iowa July 12 (we will be burning up the highway coming back for Kevin and Lia's wedding). They have been great servants at Agape and have a tremendous heart for people and the Next Step ministry.

Other faces came to my mind. The twins (known as the Taco Twins at Dignity Village) celebrated their 21st birthday and we prayed and thanked God for their heart for the homeless in Portland. Liz has been here a couple weeks and is already bringing people to church. Our teens are doing well in school and eager to meet again. Heather brought a sleeping bag to take downtown to someone needing it. Thomas and I prayed for a guy who claimed to be demon posessed. A couple had their apartment broken into. Yet they still gave some of their money to help others.

Faces that reflect God's glory. Faces that bring smiles to our faces.


Lori Ann said...

k, was there not a better picture than the one with me looking really weird...thanks...

emilykaypeters said...

I am glad that you prayed for the possessed guy. I was talking to him and told him to go and find you. I am so glad we found Agape.

KMiV said...

Thanks Emily.

Lori--you look good in everything!