Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Time at the Rolof Farm

Finally got these pictures from our trip to the Rolof farm back in October. What a great place. We went with some friends and gathered pumpkins and saw the famous Rolof family. They are the ones who live near Beaverton and star in the show Little People Big World. Everyone told us that they are usually gone during this time. However, they were all home and were even being filmed for an upcoming show. We took the tour of the home and spent time in the little Western town that they had built. Next year, if you get a chance to go this is great fun. Mrs Rolof seems very nice and posed for pictures and talked to everyone. I guess the cheesy Missourians in us came out--we don't see famous people too often. Rhesa Carley kept taking these closeup pictures with her camera--we felt like stalkers.

However, they are nice people and very gracious. It would be tough to live a life where people constantly tour your property. They seem to do well with it.

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tabitha jane said...

when we had a tv (our roommate moved out and took it with her) we would sometimes watch that show. it was sort of cathartic for me to just see bits of oregon.

very exciting!