Thursday, January 18, 2007

Led By the Spirit?

I have heard a phrase about evangelism that has caused me to think a lot. When I discuss with some what plans we have for the church plant, where we will be worshipping (Lincoln High School), our plans for the launch worship, and how we will be reaching out--I have had a few mention something to me. "We don't want to be forcing or leading the Spirit do we?" While I understand what they are thinking my response has been, "How are we forcing the Spirit." "Well, it seems like you are telling the Spirit what to do."

I guess I have thought and prayed about this and come up with some questions.
1. We know that the Spirit drives us and the church to reach the lost. Acts teaches us that the Spirit sends out and pushes Peter to go to the Gentiles.
2. We know that the Spirit wants people to come to Jesus.
3. We know that the Spirit has always been leading God's people to evangelism.
4. We know that the problem has never been that we have been more evangelistic than God has called us to be.
5. We have confessed every year to not sharing our faith as we should.
6. We are greatly outnumbered now by unchurched people. Christianity has acknowledged that we have focused inward for too long.

So, are we telling the Spirit what to do, or are we finally acknowledging what the Spirit has called us to be?
Are we leading the Spirit or catching up to where the Spirit has been leading for 2000 years?
Are we forcing the Spirit or finally dreaming as the Spirit wants us to dream?

Maybe the Spirit just wants us to move?
Maybe God just wants us to dream something big?
Maybe Jesus wants us to follow rather than sit still?


Lori Ann said...

well babe, all i know is that you let the Spirit guide and move you.
you do a good job of listening and praying for the Spirit and Gods future for the church.
thanks for allowing me to go on this great ride with you!

Johnathan M. Thomas said...

At first, I didn't know if this was going to be about my blog... But, I do hear what you are saying. I have thought, a lot, about who is leading... Most of the time it's me.

I need to stop asking God to bless me and get on board with what God is already doing, because it's already blessed.


Glen said...

The culture around has taught us to be followers of our appetite. Think about what we do when we are not at work. Our leisure time is spent digesting the best food, the best movie, the best tv show. We have for the most become consumers, sucking in everything that is around us.

Jesus calls us to be lights, Paul and Peter create the do-be scriptures. Do all things without grumbling or complaining, be thankful in all circumstances.

What would you rather be - a consumer or a do-be?

Johnny said...

This is something I have thought about a lot. I want to do God's will, but after all the theology, just what is the orthopraxy for today, at my location, at this time in my life. In the past I was sure I was doing God's will, but with what I believe now I would not want to repeat some of those actions today. We are very good at rationalizing that whatever we want is okay. These thoughts can turn into an unending circle with no getting off spot. I have found a getting off spot though, it is - I make the best choice I can, believing that God is guiding me but keeping an eye on the results. If it works God is behind it, if it doesn't, it is not God's will.

Sarah said...

You make some great points. I believe the Holy Spirit DOES guide church planters and leaders in seemingly ordinary ways (to most people) when they're trying to give their whole lives to fulfilling this calling.

All the praying, studying, planning, brainstorming and learning that you and your team have done - who can say that you haven't been led by the Spirit all along in your journey? Sure sounds like you have!

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